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Building a SaaS Engagement Strategy – What Product Marketers Need to Know

In one of his thought provoking articles, Nir Eyal, the author of “Hooked,” talks about the existence of a dogmatic camp that has arisen  within the tech world: “Some prioritize user growth and accept low user engagement, while others believe a company needs to nail user engagement before focusing on user growth. I believe this …

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How To Get Maximum Feedback For Your App – A Product Manager’s Perspective

In 2016, MindTheProduct conducted a survey to find the biggest challenges faced by Product Managers. What they found was that most Product Managers did not know if they were building the right product! The respondents cited numerous factors influencing their responses, most notably the challenge of setting roadmaps in the absence of real market feedback. …

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3 Examples of Companies Successfully Using Facebook Ads to Grow

Facebook: the undisputed heavyweight champion of the social media universe. Instagram and Snapchat may be the up-and-comers, and Twitter the fighter nearing retirement, but Facebook is still the current king. Facebook: the only platform to cross the billion-users threshold – and still growing. Facebook: the best and easiest way to reconnect and stay in touch …

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